Trying to open a saved node

So I am trying to implement saving and loading into my game, I can save a spatial but when I try to open it with jMonkey it gives an error opening j3o file and does not open.

This is my code that saves it:
saveTimer = saverTimer + tpf;

        if (saveTimer > 10f) {
        BinaryExporter exporter = BinaryExporter.getInstance();
        if (range) {
            file = new File("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Desktop\\Projects\\LandOfAmaral3D\\Saves\\range.j3o");
        if (melee) {
            file = new File("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Desktop\\Projects\\LandOfAmaral3D\\Saves\\Character_Plane.002.mesh.j3o");
        if (mage) {
            file = new File("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Desktop\\Projects\\LandOfAmaral3D\\Saves\\mage.j3o");
        try {
  , file);
        } catch (IOException ex) {
            Logger.getLogger(Main.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, "Error: Failed to save game!", ex);
        player.setUserData("name", name);
        player.setUserData("health", player.getHealth());
        player.setUserData("strength", player.getStr());
        player.setUserData("location", player.getWorldTranslation());
        player.setUserData("gold", player.getGold());
        saveTimer = 0;

So it will save a j3o file in that directory, but when I try to open in jMonkey it gives me this:

I realized when I write I was putting the rootNode in, all I want to do is save the player. So I put the player node in there and implemented Saveable in the player class. But I still get the same error.

Well, you haven’t shown us any details for the error. There should have been a dump to the console and so on. We are not really mind readers.

Though if I had to guess, I’m betting you haven’t put it in the assets folder anywhere and thus are not using the correct location for it.

Ok i got it! Thanks for replying pspeed, for some reason everytime you do i get a fix! The problem was I was saving the node, but when i saved the actual model/spatial it worked.

Some advice: In the future you can save everyone a lot of time by providing the full error.