Trying to run first jMonkey Tutorial Example fails


Downloaded the SDK, followed the instructions in the tutorial:

Created New Project in the jMonkey IDE, tried to run it, without any modification, the config window displayed just fine but on clicking the [Continue] button it said ‘LWJGLException: Pixel Format not Accelerated

For some reason i cannot copy/paste the stacktrace from the IDE console to anywhere else

Sounds like you don’t have a dedicated graphics card but only a intel HD Graphics maybe?
If you have both you might not be using the dedicated graphics card already or you are having a driver problem

Yeah, what he said…

Usually when JME runs it will dump what version of OpenGL it sees, etc… to the application console… I don’t know if that happens before or after the place that errors, though.

NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT

I was hoping that wouldnt be what people said is wrong :frowning:

how do i go about reinstalling openGL?

try to update your graphics card driver

It’s likely you found this too but I figured I’d post this:

Problematic frame or pixel format not accelerated

While most of the time this error is caused by the video card drivers being out of date, it can also be caused by a gamepad device, or something being interpreted as a gamepad device (Headphones, controller, etc). If you believe this to be the case, please try disconnecting any other devices that you have connected to your computer, then restart Minecraft

From mojang support. Long shot but maybe worth trying?

It should support openGL 2.1, which is not great but the minimum required to run jME.