TSAA Antialiasing in jMonkeyEngine?

Howdy, Monkeys.

I have been experimenting with your FXAA filters, as well as the MSAA that comes in default with the engine. However they don’t actually seem to be stopping aliasing that effectively - Although improved, I still see very noticeable aliasing.

I notice the same on a lot of public games as well: For example, on World Of Tanks, using FXAA of MSAA still renders noticeable aliasing, whereas TSAA produces no noticeable aliasing at all.

So I guess what I’m asking is: Does jMonkeyEngine have TSAA antialiasing? And if not, how can I implement it?

JME doesn’t have TSSAA antialiasing, but it’s a post processing filter, so you can implement it the same way FXAA is implemented.

Yes, but how would I go about implementing it?

Eh… do some research about the algorithm and then you will know how.
Personally i know little about this technique, i started hearing it since the new doom came out.

JMonkey’s has a pretty good implementation system for filters,supporting both java and GLSL code. I think you can just give a look to the current antialiasing filters and code on with the same structure but with that better algorithm.

Right. I’ll get coding a TSAA filter at the earliest possible convenience.

Which will probably be quite a while, since I have a shit ton of work to get done first.

Thanks all!

Don’t forget to show us the results :wink:

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