Tuning AppSettings for Client vs Server

Any advice/examples on “tuning” AppSettings for client vs server tiers?

AppSettings only exists on the client, really. So don’t tune it on the server as it doesn’t exist?

:thumbsup: thanks

Actually, from the AppSettings javadocs:

 * @param use If true, the application will initialize and use input.
 * Set to false for headless applications that do not require keyboard
 * or mouse input.
 * (Default: true)
public void setUseInput(boolean use) {
    putBoolean("UseInput", use);

So this makes it sound like I’d want to do something like this on the server:

AppSettings appSettings = new AppSettings(true);


If you want to extend SimpleApplication on the server and then turn everything in simple application off and ignore all of the rendering events and ignore all of the other visual stuff… then, yes.

Or you can just make your own application and ignore SimpleApplication and AppSettings.

I’ve made lots of servers. I never saw the point of using a headless JME application to do it.