Turn-based online, is possible?

i was studying the JMEngine…

but i didnt find too many projects yet.

i have an idea of a Strategy Turn-Based Online Game.

not like Warcraft…  its like Final Fantasy Tactics but Online…

anyone think its possible to use jME ?

there is a good lib to support online games?


I would say it is possible. :slight_smile:

very good…

anyone knows if that was pure jME?

there is any other lib in use?

They wrote many of their own APIs surrounding jME (and actually, this was a very old version of jME too, which I think is equally impressive).  Many of Three Rings APIs are open source.  You can read about some of those APIs on this wiki: http://wiki.gamegardens.com/Main_Page

well i take a look in GameGarden…  that game BangHowdy used this API?

cause i didnt find any 3D games in this GameGarden site… only 'simple' 2D applets…

not sure if that is powerfull enough…

finding in google, jME - JGN, that is a good combination to create the game that i comment?

or there is a better newtowrk API to use?

thx and sry for so many questions =]

Seems like maybe you did not look carefully enough?  Look at their Narya and Nenya libraries specifically.  The latter even includes sprite and skeletal animation systems for jME use.