Turning the lights out

I have a pretty basic question, but I seem a bit stumped. I'm having difficulty removing all lights in the scene so that my single point light (The Sun) is the only thing that lights the scene. I'm using a StandardGameState and I can't seem to figure out what the default lighting is so that I can detachAll on it. I saw in another thread something about a getLightState from renderer, but if I'm not mistaken that has been depreciated. Am I even going about this the right way?

Also, I have two branches off of my rootNode, and the way I'd like it to work is that the rootNode has no lights and everything in branch one gets lit via the default lighting. Branch 1 is my skybox with stars and nebulae and such. Branch 2 is where my sun and planets are located and I want that to be only lit from the single sun light. My question is, is there anything special I have to do so that the light only remains on the individual branches and does not impact each other? I'm also not sure if this could be the root of my problem above.

Many thanks.

You tried lightState.detachAll() ? (lightState is the rootNode light state in SimpleGame, I'm not familiar with the game state system yet though)

Yeah, I can't use that in this context. StandardGameState doesn't seem to have a lightState by default.

You are using the GameStates somewhere in a SimpleGame (or another class extending BaseGame), right? - turn out the lights there.

As for the two nodes/states below rootNode: it shouldn't be a problem to have different lighting there - just attach a lightstate to both of them and attach different/no lights to these.

i am also newbee but i think then u dont have any lights so that all objects look as their beings, means everything can be seen, but in fact they "glow" on their own.

Maybe you should make some LightState on your own and take those LightStates from SimpleGame as some sort of sample

Actually, I'm using FixedLogicRateGame which extends AbstractGame.


Actually the problem turned out to be really dumb. In my lights I was setting ambient to grey, thus everything was receiving a very even light and I interpreted this as some other general light lighting things. Doah! Thanks for the suggestions though.