Tutorial 7 HelloAnimation ex 2 - open skeleton.xml in text editor - how

Note: This is probably basic java stuff, but I’m still fairly new to all this, so bear with me…

Well basically as the title says, in Tutorial 7 HelloAnimation excercise 2 - I’m asked to open skeleton.xml in a text editor … This tutorial uses the oto model from jme3-test-data library. I can find oto.skeleton.xml by expanding the library in the projects viewer thing, but I can’t find it when I check my hard drive at the jmonkey folder - and I nearly went into every subdirectory to check :confused:

I cannot seem to figure out if I can export the file from jmonkey sdk so I can see it whereever I save it to, nor can I figure out how to view it with a text editor in the sdk… Assuming this is possible…

SO… How do I open the skeleton.xml - which I am guessing is the oto.skeleton.xml …? - as the Tutorial asks me to do?

  • I realize it’s semi unimportant and that I can download a model/export a model from blender and check that xml, but I’m not sure if that would hold more info than the file referred to in the tutorial… assuming it is referring to a specific file… like oto.skeleton.xml…
    – But as I am as inexperienced as I am I would like to make sure I do everything I can as well as possible, so I don’t have to redo stuff too many times…

Thanks upfront :slight_smile:

If you created a project with the test data lib, the file is probably in the jar. That’s why you can’t see it in your folders.
You can access the whole project sources here though https://code.google.com/p/jmonkeyengine/source/browse/
the file is here https://code.google.com/p/jmonkeyengine/source/browse/trunk/engine/test-data/Models/Oto/Oto.skeleton.xml

I created a single project for the tutorials I just keep spamming new classes into as I go from tut to tut… I have no idea if that’s a good or bad idea…

  • Is there any way I can find and yank open the jar file and look for the file on my own computer?..

(yes the guy that just asked this is actually messing with your engine… be afwaid, be vewy vewy afwaid… … :stuck_out_tongue: – I got some regular java tuts queued up on youtube don’t worry ^^ )

You can unfold the jar content in the “Libraries” node of the project.

Also in the SDK there is an option that goes something like create new project -> jme3 tests. That will give you a project containing all the tutorials and also a lot more!

>> You can unfold the jar content in the “Libraries” node of the project. <<

That would be the top left box of info stuff with ‘projects’ ‘files’ ‘services’

-projectname (jmonktut)
–Project Assets
–Source Packages
— jme3test.helloworld
----HelloAnimation, HelloLoop, Hello’theotherTutorials’
– Libraries
— jme3-test-data - jme3-testdata.jar (this I expand in the list)
---- Models.Oto
----- Oto.j3m, Oto.jpg, Oto,material, Oto.mesh.xml, Oto.skeleton.xml

I easily found out how to see the Oto.watever files in the SDK/IDE (which is better/more correct? sdk/ide?.. the jme * …) under my projects tab thing under libraries (as you see from the list above)

I cannot however, open the Oto.skeleton.xml file… I can fetch it to the app for use as the HelloAnimation Tutorial’s basic parts shows, but I cannot open Oto.skeleton.xml in a text editor as asked in excercise 2.

Not? What happens when you double-click it?

On double click it just sits there laughing at me … :frowning:

  • nothing happens :confused:

right click -> open , show javadoc — can’t click either of them, “grayed out”/inactive … but they do show… :frowning:

Hm, then try copying it to the project assets using Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V

Ooooh hey yea … THAT’S a reasonable idea … tests


<bone id=“5” name=“spine”>
<position x="-0.000000" y=“0.441357” z="-0.030178"/>
<rotation angle=“1.570842”>
<axis x="-0.006781" y=“0.999954” z="-0.006781"/>
<bone id=“6” name=“hip.right”>
<position x="-0.028778" y="-0.081767" z="-0.886363"/>
<rotation angle=“3.073017”>
<axis x=“0.274647” y=“0.001862” z=“0.961543”/>

I love you norrrrrrmeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn!!! :smiley:

  • the day I overcame the massive hurdle of ‘open this file in a text editor’ *
    (so bad, I knooow ^^)
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