Tutorial 9 Hello Collision is giving me issues yet I've never had problems before?

Okay so I’m trying to give JME3 another try and do all of the tutorials again so maybe i can figure outhe magic to it all. I’ve done all the tutorials before with out little problems this one I’ve never had problems before basically I’m using the Jme3 SDK and it compiles and runs yet for some reason it fails on start and then stops I noticed in the code that this is crossed out in jme3 sdk? maybe is that the issue?


Maybe that is deprecated method and not yet replaced to the current method.

My thoughts exactly :smiley:

But the workaround is to extract the zip file and load the .scene file instead and just remove the .zip resource loader line and it seems to work :smiley:

The registerLocator using a string has been deprecated (which the crossed out method name indicates, yeah), use the version that takes a class as parameter (so in this case just remove the getName()).

“Dude, where’s my method?” :? Ah, found it… OK, I went through the wiki and the jme3test classes and removed the “.getName()” from all calls of this kind – then it uses the correct non-deprecated method.