Tutorial HelloInput (jme3 missing package ..input.controls)

Hi folks, I've been going through the tutorials, and so far so good (I had 1 oops I ran into on the first tutorial user error…), but I'm happy with what I see so far :slight_smile:

However I'm thinking maybe my jme3 is out of date…

I can't compile the HelloInput tutorial as my jme3 appears to have not have the package.  (was this added very recently? since the official alpha release?) or is the  package in separate source/jar file? (I'm guessing I should switch to the nightly builds?)


The only sub packages I see in com.jme3.input are:






Yeh, it's a new package which has been added since the Alpha. You can grab it from the svn, or from the nightly builds (I imagine - I haven't personally used them).

confirmed I just grabbed the latest nightly, everything checks now :slight_smile: