Tutorial Jars

The tutorials in the source are excellent.  However, for simplicity sake, they are, often times, contained within one or two files.  Because of this, they do not really look like how I would expect an actual game's source to look (multiple packages, multiple classes, separation of concerns, etc…).  I think that in practice each part of code (say your game states, and your various nodes, etc…) are going to be different classes in your code…probably over several different packages.

The questions are:

  1. Would you like jars that have examples on how to separate the concerns?
  2. If I made a few, would someone be willing to review them?  (I'm just starting)
  3. Where would be an optimal spot to put them?

    Right now I have been focusing on the physics side of things, so I was thinking maybe the physics wiki.  However, I have reluctance as I have only been poking around and looking for about a month or so.


i also think its great to have some examples on how to structure a bit more complex game.

Its pretty useful people new to jme and game programming, so they can take a look at some more advanced applications made with jme.

But posting a larger application with several source files on the wiki is pretty cumbersome, for you and for people who want to download and use your source as a starting point.

Thats why i created jme-demos, there you could check-in your project and other can easily grab the source via svn.