Tutorial Netbeans 6.1 an jME2


I'm a noob to jME (and to Netbeans), so I need every step in this manual.


The manual wants me to add a jar-file  …/dist/jME-Physics_2.jar which I couldn't find. Perhaps this information is outdated, because neither the directory or the jar-file exists.

Another tiny remark: "Set the VM OPTIONS to: " should be edited to "In the categorys choose 'Run' and set the VM OPTIONS to: " (I had to search).

Rest of the manual was very noob-friendly, thanks!


today world looks clearer: the manual under 'jME2Physics Compilation -

Compile Sources' says  "Create a new Java application". For noobs it would be great if a name for the app would be set, as below "jME-Physics_2.jar" is used for it.

A mistake on the same problem: below is written "Go to the jME Physics 2 SVN, and go to the dist directory. Add jME-Physics_2.jar. Confirm. ". This has to be wrong, as it isn't the SVN directory but the even created new application.

Thanks for the manual, even HelloWorld still doesn't work yet  :wink:


I notified Jedimace1, the author of that tutorial, of this thread.


ok, one minute ago i fixed this last problem. I'm running ubuntu-Linux. I did understand in the tutorial (as the exampel did show) that the relative path would be enough for the VM-Options. I tried a lot, but only the absolut path lead to success.

Now HelloWorld works on my PC, and I finally could write my own MMORPG  :smiley:

til next problem


I will deal with it.