Tutorial suggestion

I've been working through the Cep21 tutorials usiing code from the CVS repository. The tutorial examples includes the following line: "package jmetest.TutorialGuide". When I look at the same tutorials on the wiki, the example code does not include the above mentioned line.

Which version is correct? And can the code in the CVS and/or wiki be synchronized to the correct version?


you can do it if you like, that was the intent of the wiki I believe

Whatever is in CVS is the correct version.

Thank you…  :slight_smile:

Yes, but I'm not sure sure which version is the "correct" one…  :?

With or without package jmetest.TutorialGuide?

You can put the code in any package you want. When you get the code from the cvs it is in the package jmetest.TutorialGuide as it is should be. If you are using the wiki then there is no reason why you can't use another package so you need to fill in that line when you copy the code.