Tutorial Website!

hi all,

i made this site http://www.volatile7.tk which has some demos (source included) and is going to have tutorials.

p.s. Does it look familiar mojomonk?

if you dont like anything about it…just shout, and il hear!!

Great! This is good, considering my tutorials are out of date and I need to delete them. Writing the User’s Guide takes up all the extra non-coding time I have. So, I’m pleased you are doing this.

and your not mad at me for stealing your design and modifying it?

Hell, I stole it from somewhere else. :slight_smile: I don’t even remember where.

il give the dude that you stole it from some credit cause his name is mentioned in the css thing

first tutorial up and ready for any critisim, dont like the layout, just give me a shout…He He, it rythms!!

Everything looks good. Except this line of your code:

if ("LWJGL".equalsIgnoreCase(properties.getRenderer())) {
        display = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem("LWJGL");

is a legacy of my examples... the cleaner way to do it now is:

display = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem(properties.getRenderer());

I need to clean things up in the tests to make the consistent.

Looking good so far. Not to mention by doing this, you can find little things that need to be added, or fixed.

sure, il get right on that…done

right, one thing, i know that jME is meant to be render independant, so how would I go about renaming the window without calling

org.lwjgl.opengl.Window.setTitle("Volatile 7");


second tutorial is also up, im just awaiting your replay about the window. Any corrections other than the window, please point it out!

Good point about the window title. There really is no way currently. I’ll add it to DisplaySystem.setTitle(String).

You have the line:

cam = new LWJGLCamera(properties.getWidth(), properties.getHeight());

To make it API independant you'd want to do:

display.getRenderer().getCamera(properties.getWidth(), properties.getHeight());

This will return the camera appropriate for the desired rendering API. Again, there are MANY tests that are calling LWJGLCamera explicitly, need to fix that.

The rest looks good. The title change is in CVS.

Thanks mojomonk, my only problem is that the game developers that would want to use jME would most probably download the jar instead of building the jar from source. So what im going to propose is that I build a new jar from source, and upload it to my site. Is that ok with you, or would you rather not me do that because it might cause inconsistancies with the jars produced?

P.S. Thanks for pointing out the camera issue, ive changed it to the API independant method.

Yeah, I guess it makes since to keep the tutorials matching the jar. Just keep a note of what changes I have made and when the next release is out you can go back and update the tutorials.

kewlies, awaiting some examples on the widgets so I can play with em, and post some tutorials as well!!