Tutorial: Workflow Blender animations into Jme3 using Ogre

I have posted a tutorial https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B9hhZie2D-fEYmRkMTYwN2YtMzQ0My00NTM4LThhOTYtZTk1MTRlYTNjYTc3&hl=en

The tutorial covers simple mesh creation, adding materials, textures, texture painting, armature creation, tying mesh to the armature using vertex groups, animation, exporting all to Ogre, converting to j3o, importing to Jme3. The Jme3 class includes turning off the initial splash screen window in favor of a set size window, turning off default camera and w,a,s,d keys, a simple debug method to write to the play screen.

Hope it is useful, it was for me.


For some reason it won’t let me view the document :frowning:

It says:

Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested is not available.

Please check the address and try again.

Maybe you have to make it public?

Same here.

I think you have to make the document public.

Sorry guys… nothing is ever straight forward. I have changed the settings could you please let me know whether it is visible now?

Yes it is visible, thanks mate.

(Later edit: its pretty awesome i had troubles with blender and ogre, this really helped me. Thanks)

That will be very useful, thank you Stephen.

We should get this document in the wiki if you agree.

I closed the other topic so discussion is kept to one thread.

Great job man! I saw your inquiry earlier about where to post this and I was gonna suggest you might as well post it straight to the wiki if it was really general purpose, which clearly it is. However Google Docs are pretty neat for initial set-up and review, so no harm done. Hopefully Ruth “zathras” can get in here to speak her mind about how we should go about fitting this alongside the other tutorials.

Oh, and I tweeted this :wink: We should be doing that more from here on.

You can just grab it off google as a pdf and stick it on wiki. I have also been linking it in blender.org and blenderartists.org so if you could tell me when it is done and give me the url I will alter my listings there. I am figuring Jme3 while developing a game idea and am happy to tutorialize the process along the way so long as I can continue asking questions toward figuring it all out.

Thanks a lot for this hugely useful document! I just started looking into JME3 two days ago and found it when I googled for a specific and basic problem I was having. Now I have a small model with a skeleton in my app to play around with. Cheers!