Tutorials, missing files


I have tried to navigate through all the broken links, missing files and assets in jmonkey and the wiki and have made pretty good progress but have hit a road block. I cant seem to find the town.zip file mentioned in tutorial #3. The main problem seems to be the archives were moved from google to somewhere else and no one has updated any links. This seems to of been a recent event.

Any idea where they are now located?

Hehe !! :slight_smile:
I uploaded it from my local repo to jme github today and made a PR. It is not merged yet but you can download it from my fork

After merging i am going to update links and code on tutorial 3 and TestOnlineJar.java but i could not find wildhouse.zip yet. if some one has it can you please upload it ?

Thanks for the town link. Wildhouse was next.
There’s a long road to advanced tutorials.

Any heads up on any other missing files?