Maybe a new tutorial called “Putting it all together.”

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Depends what you are putting together. Instead of a tutorial, it might have to be more of a philosophical blurb about how the tools in Jme can be used to achieve what you want.

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Well, iv tried all the tutorials on the site which are all vary good tutorials by them self’s, but for someone with little to no Java experience, its a little confusing trying to make just about any kind of game using Jme3.

assumption is that you know Java.

i rather prefer you to use other java tutorial webpages.

Maybe you can link me to a few good ones then?

thanks :slight_smile:

Its a bit ad-laden but its got good content: http://www.javabeginner.com

But yeah, if you don’t know how to code java then jME is pretty much useless for you.

iv noticed, it does look vary cool tho :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry, while studying i was using some of them, but actually i don’t remember.

no offence, but people using JME need to know Java. You have 3 options:

ok, thanks for the help guys.

Without a solid understanding of Java and programming in general jME will not get you very far I’m afraid.