sorry i was wondering ive gone throught all of the tuturials of the wiki  except the flagrush one. no matter what when i run it i get a sphere in the middle of the screen exactly the same as tuturial 2. i even searched the code for "sph" and it didnt find it so i dont know what has hapened their. But on the up from the rest of the tuturials i feel i have gained alot of wisdom and understanding of JME. I was wondering through after the beginer  tuturials what do you reccoment i move on to. experimenting ( proberly failing lol)  modding and extending some of the tuutrials  such as adding new features  exploration of some values and such or is their a book or  another set of  tuturials  that is suited not for very very beginers but leading up to a first playable game.

I currently am also extending the tutorials, combining and learning… I would suggest that. The flagrush tutorials are supposed to be very good, I personally will take a closer look at the code again (JGN version - allows multi-player).

Thanks for the reply. Yer i really wanted to do the flagrush tuturials but no matter what i when i run i get a sphere. The correct version is found when you go to it throught the jmetest folder then to flagrush. No matter what tuturial's source i copy and paste into  netbeans when i run i get a sphere with the jme logo on it i searched the code and their isnt even a sphere in it. Does anyone know how to fix this because yer the flasgrush tuturials whlie they where working were really good.

sounds like you execute the wrong class/example :slight_smile:

I just finished working my way thru the FlagRush tutorials by rewriting the code in Scala.  Now I'm playing with gamestates and adding other avatars for the player.

Just wanted to throw my two cents in and say that the Flag Rush tutorials are really a terrific help to learning about JME and major props to the folks who put them together.


– Pixelcat

Core-Dump said:

sounds like you execute the wrong class/example :)

Yah, I agree.... make sure that when you are running the project you are executing and running the correct project....

If your not sure, put a "System.out.println("I should see this");" That way when your program runs it should type:

"I should read this".

yep thanks that was the problem. Thanks for all the responses