TV/Game Composer Currently Seeking Project

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Grant Stevens and I’m a music composer specializing in scoring for Film, TV & Video Games, with recent compositions and sound design for companies which include, amongst others, Jamie Oliver Media Group, Fox and Discovery Networks.

My expertise lies in scoring for all genres from emotional string sections, right through to explosive cinematic pieces and all in between. I’m very easy to work with, used to working to tight deadlines and of course have a great passion for the work that I produce whilst making it my mission to pull the player/viewer into the immersive on screen action. I’m also able to work to a variety of budgets.

I’m currently in a position where I can presently take on another project, and would love to hear from developers who are in the production stages of development and are ready for the music and scoring to be placed.

Although it’s not amazingly recent as I am I currently in the process of creating a new and up to date one, I have included below, a composition show reel that will give you a rough idea of a small portion of my past musical works.

[video]Varazuvi Recent Musical Compostitions - YouTube

Web Site:


IMDB: (Current projects to be added)



Feel free to contact me through PM as well as the company email:

Warmest Regards
Grant Stevens.

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