Tweens.smoothStep not always smooth (Oto.mesh.xml)

composer.actionSequence("walk 10s, then stand",
    Tweens.stretch(1, stand),
    Tweens.callMethod(composer, "setCurrentAction", "stand"));

This is what I also tried. actionSequence does not lead to a satisfactory transition from walk to stand. But I’ll check with a clear head tomorrow :slight_smile:

I didn’t completely follow the thread but look at my Issue (Animation: BlendAction does not honor speed · Issue #1303 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub)

Could this be solved by adding loop modes allowing for custom looping/parallelization behaviors?

These can be nice additions to have them in JMEs stock Tweens :slightly_smiling_face:

I think a simple way would be to just change 0 length stand animation (which in fact is a standing pose and not animation) with a proper one and see what will happen :wink:

I think Jaime’s model should have a better standing animation. You might want to try with Jaime instead of Oto.

Or maybe try the Jesse model @polinc made on the store.

This. Just added a new “idle” animation to Oto with length 0.4 by duplicating all the keyframes in “stand”. Still does not look that convincing, but it is a smooth transition from walk to stand now. So I guess having “compatible” animations is key.

Regarding loop animations: I’ll add create a PR when I have it cleaned up a bit.

Edit: what it’s all about → I want to eventually update the “Hello Animation” tutorial to the new animation system without inheriting cargo cult code (e.g. the current one uses a 0.4 blend time from “walk” to “stand” which even in the old framework didn’t do anything).

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