Twinkling stars on a star styled skybox

Wonder if any of you have thoughts on animating skyboxes.

Have a star filled sky, want to make a few of the stars kinda twinkle or shimmer.

Thought about having transparent overlays, which would just have the tinkles on, but that would make all stars twinkle at the same time, unless of course there were many overlays.

Maybe even small overlays that just effect the stars that twinkle ???

You could use two textures, with the first a moving greyscale texture with fairly random splashes of light and dark, and the second applied over the top which would be black with alpha=0 "holes" to let the first texture show through where you want stars. You should then see the random texture through the holes, hopefully looking fairly twinkly. Making the first texture move at random would also help the effect, since it would make it harder to see the underlying motion of the "twinkle" texture. Multiple twinkle textures could be used to improve the effect, I'm sure you could do something with shaders as well, to produce a deformation of the underlying texture which wouldn't be so easy to spot.

I hope some of that helps/makes sense :slight_smile:


Seems like a simple low cost solution…