Two animation channels simultaneously problem


  1. I created in blender, airplane model with three animations, two flying animations and one animation for propeller rotation.

  2. Exported this model to orge3d format, and converted to j3o in jmonkey sdk.

  3. Code which setup animations:

// Animation
control = plane.getControl(AnimControl.class);
aerobatic = control.createChannel();
propeller = control.createChannel();

  1. I want for airplane model makes aerobatic manoeuvre (anim “Plane”) and in same time rotate propeller (anim “Propeller”)

  2. but playing only first animation (“Plane”), not both

  3. blender and j3o files of my airplane model Dropbox - - Simplify your life

  4. what i’m doing wrong?


Both animations probably influence all bones. So you want to play the “Propeller” animation only on your propeller bone. You can do this by calling propeller.addBone(propellerBone).

Mathiasj, thank you!
You are right. When i add bones to their animation channels, animation began to work properly.