Two question about develvop games in JME3?

1.Can i Develop a FPS game in JME3?

2. There is a known game that develop in JME3 and a lot of people play him?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Yes. Check out the tutorials.

Which tutorial in youtube or this website?


i think this ones are popular, but its my guess:

game 1

game 2

game 3

3079 is a reasonably successful Minecraft-like FPS made in jME. If you don’t have experience with programming, though, then you’d probably find jME hard to pick up.

i dont have experience with programming games but i have experience in java, if you mean that :smiley:

JME3 cant reach to a level of UDK games and Unity3D games? i mean level of Grapics, because i saw a lof of video in youtube about game

in JME and actually i didnt find a lot of them and the games i find they have a low graphics

graphics are done by designers and not engines, its all OpenGL, there is no “difference”.

JME is like Unity3d, but it use only Java.

And everything what is done in Unity3D you can do in JME. But JME is harder for people who dont know how to make games.

and here you also have FREE shaders, in Unity3d NOT. there are a lot of pay for.

if you like Java, then JME = better

and like Normen said, bad graphic is becouse of developers/graphic designers(people like you/us). I think soon will be more better looking games.

BTW: remember, many games can hide that are based on JME…

Ohhhh new i get it :smiley:

by the way they can hide that because to used JME3 you dont need license and its open source that dont ask for credit?

Yeah, but ethically you should credit jME even more :wink:

@memonick said:
Yeah, but ethically you should credit jME even more ;)

Completely yes :D

Well jme does allow better grafics that thos have, it depends on what your target hardware is. For casual and mmos those are usually kinda low to have a higher amount of players possible

But more is possible. (plz imagine the missing shadows, untill I get them to work the way I need em)

In the way of graphics, there is a vast chasm between graphics and aesthetics. I personally believe in NOT trying to shoot for photorealism in any engine, because the result becomes laughable with two or three years. Games on the Super Nintendo, or stuff like WoW or Borderlands or Wind Waker, they are ageless because of their art direction.