Two side textured

hi all i try to made a simple square with two side texture, but when i look to the back side of the quad a can’t see anything :S any clue? here is the code

Quad quadDebris = new Quad(5,5);
Geometry geometryDebris = new Geometry(“A Textured Box”, quadDebris);

Material mat1 = assetManager.loadMaterial("Materials/baseR.j3m");
//Quaternion YAW180   = new Quaternion().fromAngleAxis(FastMath.PI  ,   new Vector3f(0,0,1));
geometryDebris.setLocalScale(0.5f, 1.0f, 1.0f); 


This is because jME only renders front facing polygons by default


Note that if the material is lit then the back face will be lit backwards.

thanks guys!