Two textures in shader with one UV coordinte set?

I have two textures that I want to use in my shader, but they both use the same texture coordinates. I think this should be fine, but I can’t seem to get the color of the lightmap from the texture. All that ends up happening is the variables from both maps seem to be the diffuse color. Here’s the code.


Material mat = new Material(assetManager, "MatDefs/color_time.j3md");
mat.setTexture("m_DiffuseMap", assetManager.loadTexture("Textures/tube_straight/diffuse.png"));
mat.setTexture("m_LightMap", assetManager.loadTexture("Textures/tube_straight/lightmap.png"));



MaterialDef ColorTime {
    MaterialParameters {
        Texture2D m_LightMap
        Texture2D m_DiffuseMap       
    Technique {
        WorldParameters {
            Blend Alpha
        VertexShader GLSL100: Shaders/Imps/ColorTime.vert
        FragmentShader GLSL100: Shaders/Imps/ColorTime100.frag



//the global uniform World view projection matrix
//(more on global uniforms below)
uniform mat4 g_WorldViewProjectionMatrix;
//The attribute inPosition is the Object space position of the vertex
attribute vec3 inPosition;
attribute vec2 inTexCoord;
uniform float g_Time;
attribute vec4 inColor;
uniform sampler2D m_LightMap;
uniform sampler2D m_DiffuseMap;
varying vec2 uvCoord;

void main(){
    //Transformation of the object space coordinate to projection space
    //- gl_Position is the standard GLSL variable holding projection space
    //position. It must be filled in the vertex shader
    //- To convert position we multiply the worldViewProjectionMatrix by
    //by the position vector.
    //The multiplication must be done in this order.

    uvCoord = inTexCoord;

    gl_Position = g_WorldViewProjectionMatrix * vec4(inPosition, 1.0);


uniform float g_Time;
uniform sampler2D m_LightMap;
uniform sampler2D m_DiffuseMap;
varying vec2 uvCoord;

void main(){
    vec4 df_color = texture2D(m_DiffuseMap, uvCoord);
    vec4 lp_color = texture2D(m_LightMap, uvCoord);
    vec4 cur_color = lp_color;
    gl_FragColor = lp_color;

In the frag shader, if I load both the Diffuse and LightMap, both lp_color and df_color are the same, and when either one is assigned to gl_FragColor produces the same result. If I do not load the DiffuseMap in, then lp_color is indeed the lightmap. What am I missing?

Do not put m_ anywhere but in the shader itself. I’m surprised these compile at all.

Yep, that worked. To be honest though, the shader only errors when the game runs, even for syntax errors. I figure the compiler should catch that, but no matter what garbage I put in the shader, it’s only ever caught at runtime.

Shaders are actually compiled at runtime, because jME3 generates them on the fly. It is possible to lint shaders at build time but jME3 does not do it at the moment.

Cool, thanks for the explanation. I’ll try to not put garbage in my shaders :smile: