Two-ways import working only one-way

Hi all. I find something strange when I try to import blender model to JME:

When I’m importing using creator everything is fine. When I convert blend file to j3o in project tree I get j3o but when I open it in preview window I don’t see texture (I know about materials). It look something like UV coords are in one pixel because model have color (for example tree is green, stone is grey). But it is one flat color.

Hm one cause might be that the belnder file has multiple uv maps, and none is selected in the blender materials.

I figured for a similar problem I had, that blender uses the first, but jme the last if unspecified.

Exporters often create the needed UV map, e.g. if you created a model in blender without using a UV map (projection mapping or whatever) the exporter will convert that to a UV map and then export the UV map instead. The blender importer doesn’t do this so you have to use a UV map right in blender. The box example file (New File → blender → box) has UV mapping set up properly so you can look at that.

But I have UV map. I try import the same model. Once is good and once (from right-click menu) is bad. I share this model and if you can - tell me what is wrong.

Did you try the box? I bet that one works.

Test Box is working. When I changed texture path to JME folders structure my file is working now too. Thx for interest.