Ubuntu + LWJGLAWTCanvas issues

Hi all,

I'm having mouse and keyboard input issues when i try to use a LWJGLAWTCanvas with Ubuntu (64Bit) and Eclipse. All inputs are delayed and kind of laggy.

So far, I tried the RenControlEditor and RenParticleEditor examples. Especially the mouse looking controll in the RenParticleEditor is performing really slow. Like having only 3 fps in a first person shooter. The Application itself animates smoothly.

The applications run fine with Windows(xp, 7), Suse and Fedora (All tried with the same eclipse workspace). Only Ubuntu seems to have these Issues. I tried this on to different ubuntu machines. Both are having this problem.

Does anyone else has this problem with Ubuntu?


i use linux mint. it is almost the same like ubuntu.

my input are ok.

are your xp,7,suse,mandriva and ubuntu all on the same machine ?

and it is a bit laggy by me when I use fullscreen.