Ubuntu Uninstall

Im trying to uninstall Jmonkey complety, to no avail i cannot find the uninstall script, the jmonkey package doesn’t exist, and well, Im running out of Ideas. Im using Ubuntu 13.04 and for jmonkey im using JME3.0RC2, anyways.

My goal is to reinstall so I can get the default settings, but If there is an easier way Im all for the input. I dont know how to word it, but every time I make a “jme3 > basic game” project it seems more like a netbeans IDE than a JME ide, and It doesn’t add in an assets manager/package into the project file. It does this on windows, but not on my new Linux computer which I got for dev purposes. If anyone can help me customize or better yet teach me to customize the program properly I would be more than happy.

Anyways any help or thoughts on this matter would be amazing and thank you muchly in advance.


Ok I figured it out. I was looking into the wrong folder, Ill explain more of what happened, with the uninstall information:

I was looking into the hidden folders for this uninstall.sh

It was located in the NOT hidden folder >.<

I am going to unmark this for support topic and hope someone can help with a guide on UI customization


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Would you (or anyone else) mind posting where this shell script is located? I cannot seem to find it and I need to perform a reinstall as well.

Same thing happens to me.
I deleted all content of JMonkey folder but everything others (for example menu icon) still exists.
Below command help me to delete all content:

sudo find -type f -name '*jmonkey*' -delete

I wish you help too :smile: