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Basicaly I just wnt to share something not serious. So I pick that category. This morning (my time, my place) , raining outside, and the rain is in the wrong season even in my place. But we already know that something is wrong with this planet. I am not going to talk about that. This morning when I surf the internet I found this chalaange : https://blog.sketchfab.com/sketchfab-vr-design-challenge-heads/ . Creating comic book styile or futuristic style ui/hud ever cross in my mind ectually. But these links maybe make me more inspired:
Persona 5 PV04 (HD) - Translated UI + Captions ENG - YouTube .
- YouTube .
And I ever wondering how to do that with lemur? I ever learn Lemur and Lemur styling feature a bit (or tinier than a bit). But everything still beyond my skill. What I want to say is, May I make a lazy noob request? So what I need to do is change the model, texture, color, font, and maybe a bit here and there?
And for the last, I want to say something you need just don’t bother. It’s just because of my lack English: Who wants to make jMonkeyEngine awsome again? (read: Is jMonkeyEngine ever awsome once?)

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I like the video

Actually I wasn’t intersted to take the callange. But later I want to share my Idea with JME community. So tried someting with blender. After try this and that I gave up to try harder. Because of the limited time, and skill, and, imagination, and so on, this is the result…

The animation so terrible.

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Lemur styling probably won’t help much, but you might want to check this

wow, nice.

Nice to see you took the challenge. You could chime in in here https://forum.sketchfab.com/t/sketchfab-vr-interface-design-challenge-heads-up-vr-interface/12991 :wink:
That’s a nice entry, really.

Disclaimer: I work for Sketchfab since 5 month.

Unfortunately the contest is canceled. It’s kinda funny story. I was expecting to win the bag. :grinning:

Yeah indeed it was cancelled… too few entries.
Anyway yours was the best to me :wink:

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how to embed sketchfab here?

MyGame by melod on Sketchfab

Just paste the url

I want it a UI style but, this is the result. I did it in the last menute.

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