Ultra-simple Skyrim clone looking for team

I’d like to make a simplified game reminiscent of Skyrim but extremely simple with typical JME level graphics in a cartoonized (to make graphics creation easier) world. The first stage would simply be first person with melee (sword) and missile (bow) combat and magic (fireball, healing spell, light) on a map centered around a simple locality (around/at a castle) and would feature simplified combat and no rpg elements beyond collecting xp’s. There would only be 3 types of monsters: jumping frog-like creatures, skeletons, and flying-imp like creatures. So what I’m asking for in the first stage is a simple hack and slash in a single player game in a castle with cartoon graphics and extremely stripped down gameplay.

My philosophy is to make it as simple and limited as possible to get it done. Then once one stage is done we can discuss the next stage.

My other philosophy is to make the graphics token in the first stage to what they represent and EXTREMELY simple.

Anyone interested in creating a team around such a thing? It’s in honor of Skyrim which comes out next week. The easiest answer is probably just “so what, buy Skyrim and forget about this project” and that’s fine but I’d like to see if I could get a consensus of people who would be interested in this project. My previous project was MazeBlocks 3d so I specialize in ultra stripped down mechanics for a simple essential and functional result.

When the first stage is complete it can be contributed to the jME platform for people to launch as a prebuilt project as a basis for their own experimentation and learning.



I’d be interested although my jME skills are a bit rusty and I’m a bit behind on the newer features but I’m willing to catch up.

Also no creative skills on my side (read “100% programmer”)

Let me know how you want to proceed… if I’m in :slight_smile:

My email is my username at gmail



I would like to contribute to this with some simple blender models. Animations will suck in the beginning, but that is something that could be improved over time.




Great! I’d like to work in stages, start with simple programmer geometry for the graphics (except the map) and then later add the models:

  1. make a simplified castle model (can just be some blocks on a plane that is walled in). Make a first person character walk around in it.

  2. Add melee bullet firing (jmetests show you how to do it) (this is represented by a red sphere flying out from the character for a preplanned duration before disappearing creating a range effect)

  3. Add missile bullet firing (jmetests show how to do it) (brown cylinder for arrow)

  4. Add fireball bullet firing (yellow sphere)

  5. Add HUD using strings to represent text data

  6. Add healing spell with lighting effect and rotating transluscent sphere that momentarily appears in front of the camera

  7. add lighting spell with lighting effect (rotating transluscent sphere momentarily appears in front of the camera at beginning of spell)

  8. add frog (green cube) (only causes damage on contact when jumping)

  9. add skeleton (white cube) (uses melee bullet)

  10. add imp (red cube) (uses missile bullet and flies)

  11. monster placement system, use key to fire a block that sticks in place representing the spawn point for an enemy

  12. file operations for spawn points and button to spawn enemies at spawn points

  13. text file holding file name data for level’s model and spawnpoint data file.

    THEN add models and animations

    I was thinking we look up information in the wiki and write a list of classes and methods to use for each stage. Then we write short descriptions of how to use the classes and methods in our own classes and methods that we describe at a bare minimum of detail. Then we divy up the descriptions of our new classes and go about writing them. Finally, when we have the exact dimensions for the models we’ll send out to jatheron to create them.

    We can then create any kind of level model we want and place the spawn points.
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i don’t have time to help, but i wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:

Best of luck guys. Please be open and descriptive about your progress and document your code, and this could very well serve as an example project like you suggested.

You clearly realize this already, but just for good measure: Keep it simple!

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Hi monkeyBrainz,

So where can I upload a j3o scene containing a flat terrain with a simple castle added to it for you to have a look at for starters?





I think we should begin to discuss the models.

Any ideas for the level?

I was thinking something with a moat, a drawbridge, an inner and outer castle and simplified towers with ramps inside to walk up onto the parapets

Player height is: 1, radius is .5.

Maybe jatheron can provide a zip file with the .blend and .jpg files with basic components that someone (probably I) will rearrange:

  • castle wall with walkable parapet (maybe 5 high, alterable)
  • tower with one opening at base and a spiral ramp inside to top (maybe to make things simpler you could just make the tower and I could make the ramp) (maybe 7 high, alterable)
  • castle gate with drawbridge (maybe 5 high, alterable)
  • ornamental castle tower with peaked roof (maybe 9 high, alterable)

    The construction has to be simple and modular enough to knock out walls and add ramps.

    If jatheron wants to complete these models, we can in the mean time sketch designs for the level and upload them as we agree upon a final vision for the first map!

    Then I can create the land mass and arrange the pieces by duplicating them onto the master .blend file!

    Then I can place empties with names to indicate spawn points.

    Then I’ll import the scene and convert it to a j3o.

monkeyBrainz is precise and he need more precise team too :wink: that is what i think.


something like this?

Made a quick tower as well, wow lol that “Move” tool in JMP is just great to position these :slight_smile:


Awesome that’s perfect!

very nice :smiley: . What kinda material was used? Lightning?

New Empty material based on Lighting with some random brick like map and thanks but this was fairly half assed attempt though lol, the wall on the right doesn’t even have normals :slight_smile:

hmm, I thought you unwrapped that on blender.

New funkier tower module added with accessible walkway so that you can run onto it from another wall

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Added modular staircase… hooray for blenders array modifier :slight_smile:

( and youtube video tutorials lol )

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I tried doing blender models and got the following:



The uv coordinates and pssm shading are glitchy.

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btw you have to set your meshes “smooth”.


Well we’ve got:

  • working map
  • bullets
  • hud
  • one enemy type

    Still need:
  • models for enemies
  • additional enemies
  • final map
  • sound effects
  • credits screen

    Can the community suggest any other (SIMPLE) ideas to add to the project?