Umbra Gaming Mini-Project: Physics Blaster

For one of my classes, I'll be making a physics-based blaster game–dodgeball, in a sense.

I was just wondering if anybody could give me some good startup tips regarding mapping (I'm sure the way CS does it would work, but I have no idea HOW they do it) or managing balls?

What I want is a game where you fire one ball at a time, as fast as you can click. I want 0-gravity, so the balls will continue to move for a long time (though they should lose a little bit of speed at each hit from friction), and I want certain power-up guns that multiply balls (i.e. after the 5th bounce a ball fires out 10 more balls at a specific velocity) and some other stuff, maybe exploding balls.

Just wanted to get a few initial opinions on how some of the stuff could be done–perhaps somebody has made something like this before. All input is appreciated  :smiley:

Note that this is a side-project and that Umbra Gaming is still focusing primarily on Fyrestone

Sound like you are going to blow up the physics engine in a hurry!  }:-@

Hows that?

Seems like every player can fire tons of balls every second, and they will each bounce around for a good while, and each one can multiply. Anyone seen that advert where the whole town gets buried under footballs?!

All balls will have a time limit to their existence (or bounce limit)… only balls fired from special guns will be able to multiply.