Ummm.... What just happened? [To System Administrator of this website]

…fixed the for you.

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This pink is just… ugly. It hurts my eyes!
Can’t wait it’s tomorrow -.-

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Yeah, me too.


Thank you for the explanation. It now all makes so much sense.
:chimpanzee_closedlaugh: :chimpanzee_amused: :chimpanzee_annoyed: :chimpanzee_closedgrin:
^ as you can see, we will also need new pony emoticons!!


Since I hibernate my pc, at first I wasn’t even aware of the change: site looked as usual. Then I hit F5 and my eyes popped out.

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Yeah, tonight I’ve pulled an ‘all nighter’ for work. This might be the only thing keeping me awake a this point… but oh, the pain.

Finally, a constructive post.

Do we need a Pony release (i.e. should my PR be merged and a release be tagged for posterity? new Branding for the SDK! by Pesegato · Pull Request #45 · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub)

  • Absolutely! Can’t live without it!
  • No way! Enough is enough!
  • What is a pony?

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I voted “What is a pony?” because i think we should define first what is and what is not a pony.
For instance are we talking about ponies or magical ponies? Can those ponies be equipped with horns? Are horned-ponies considered as unicorns? If not which are the differences between an unicorn and a ponycorn?

As if we did not already had a pretty identical discussion about the release name system…

Don’t forget the uniponys.

…which is apparently also a thing.

and a) my search history is going to look really strange now.

b) why the heck with the ‘evil lemons’? lol


Hi, ops sorry wrong room


jPonyEngine??? HAHAHA :joy: Well done!!

At least the favicon is still the same :wink:

Why do every time i connect i fell like its getting pinker xD

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It is

Hai guys what is happening in this thread?

So it’s not just my impression…
I’m pretty sure it was of some shades less pink 4 hours ago…

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if you are on linux, try this patch xgamma -rgamma 0.1

RIP jPonyEngine 1/4/16 - 2/4/16.
Now go and teach the angels how to be PINK AND FABULOUS.