Unable to display panels


I am unable to display any panels in NiftyGUI. If I put text in the panel, the text is still displayed.

For example when I run the test jme3test.niftygui.TestNiftyGui.java it just displays a bit of black text on top of the normal rendering, I’m pretty sure it should show the panel as an orange rectangle as well. The invisible panels do still respond to mouse events.

I am using the latest JMP nightly.

Am I missing a visible=“true” or something?

Panels are invisible containers. If u want them to be visible a) background color b) width / height.

I just updated to the latest nightly and suddenly the panels are visible. Whatever it was has been fixed.

That’s probably with the Uniforms.java that had been modified but has been reverted earlier. I had a similar problem but with white text only, it wasn’t visible.

how is it that you could show the text @podge when initially there’s no available .fnt files that was used? Before I setup the nightly updates, the black text were showing though I don’t have the font files :o but after the nightly updates were setup, the text doesn’t get loaded already… because (i think) I didnt place the appropriate font files into the asset folder.

At the moment, I also can’t load up images… :frowning:

This is the link to my recently posted problem.