Unable to find component libraries for terrain, effects and networking...?

Hello, I’ve installed the latest jME3 version and checked out the MonkeyZone game from here (https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:advanced:monkey_zone).

Everything seems fine except I get three reference errors which are:

Problem: The project uses a class library called "jme3-libraries-terrain", but this class library was not found.
Solution: Click Resolve to open the Library Manager and create a new class library called "jme3-libraries-terrain". (the other two are for the effects and networking libraries)

If I click open the library manager and I create a new class library for them, I am still lacking the actual .jar paths. I've looked through the installation folders and I cannot find "jme3-libraries.terrain.jar" or similar. I've searched the forums and google for others with this issue, but I've so far been unable to find anything to help resolve it.

If I run the application, it starts and allows me to get as far as to the log-in screen, although I cannot go further than that (connection is denied.) I'm assuming I need to do a server build as well, but I haven't managed to get that far as I can't seem to resolve this issue, which, seems pertinent.

I've never used jME before this so this may be a very rookie mistake, but it looks like this change was rather recent (5 months ago according to a post I saw on the forums here) so I'm wondering if I have to actually download the component libraries as an extra step (that would seem odd to me) or if I'm just missing something obvious. Anyway, any help is appreciated.

Did you let the JME SDK update itself to the latest stable version after you installed?

Ah I was afraid it would be something along those lines that I was over-looking. That did the trick, thanks for the help!

edit: Ah I just got the hang of the forums here, my bad for posting in the wrong forum. I thought it was odd when I made the topic but I was unable to find any links to any other forums, I must have been blind :x