Unable to locate Terrain plugin

I am trying to follow along with the terrain tutorial, but I am running into a problem where my scene explorer does not show even a rootnode for me to select to then open the terrain editor. Is there some other way for me to get to the terrain editor?

There should be an icon of some mountains on the top toolbar.

Or right-click on your scene file in the project view (left hand side) and select ‘Edit Terrain’

Ah there we go the right clicking one of my models gave me the ability to edit terrain.

Check out the SDK manual search, e.g. Ctrl-I “edit terrain”, its really handy

I checked there and it says to choose your rootnode and then you will edit terrain. When I looked at the sceneexplorer it was not even showing rootnode just a blank paper icon which would not let me right click.

Go into your Project Assests → Scenes

Right click Scenes, make a new Empty JME3 scene and then it should bring you to the root node that it shows in the tut.

I know exactly what youre talking about.