Unablle to compile Google play services

Wiki says there is a project after downloading google play service via sdk manager.
I downloaded and it is not android project, a folder inside docs and samples. I can not open this on jme sdk. Has anyone completed integrating google ad to their projects?

Hi. To integrate google play services you have to follow the steps on this link:

You will face some issues that are explained here:

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I’ve seen these posts. My issue is that there is no library inside the directory(Android/Sdk/extras/google/google_play_services) after downloading google play service via jdk manager.

I found this

Try using another IDE. I remeber i used to compile that library with JME’s official SDK once and it worked.

I am using jme sdk. Whether if we use jme or eclipse, the case is same.

Do you use official Android SDK? Are you sure you’re downloading everything you need to compila google play libaries? Are you following the official guide by Google?

Wow!! It seems that google has changed the way for releasing the google play library from rev 30 :sob:. Now is divided into different places. Every time I’ve been trying to integrate google’s library with jMonkey it has been a nightmare.

In this link of stackoverflow there are some posts about this topic, but I didn’t try anything.

Maybe it can be a starting point. Another option could be use the rev 29 of the library…

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