Unannounced Project (Character Screenshot added)


Hehe,…well it's not you last but this post ( http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=11252.msg85077#msg85077 ) what makes me curious about what you are going to show us :smiley:

hehe well true, technically i already showed something although im sorry that it tells nothing about the game :wink:

i can say that we try to incorporate a lot of nice effects without ruling out older machines, so it will run on older hardware and still wont look like crap but if you got top notch hardware with a 500$ gfx card, we'll take advantage of that as well :slight_smile: …and could bring it down to the knees too :wink: i think the coders already have nightmares because of all the visual effects i want :smiley: but they're doing a great job and the final "product" is going to look pretty neat.

but graphics are nothing if the game isn't fun, so we sure don't bet on graphics - we just want the fun to look good :smiley:

btw. my second video on youtube shows something i haven't mentioned here but could play a role :wink:

Well it's not end of june yet but i thought i share a little something since it's my birthday ;)

Although it's rendered in Cinema4D, model and textures are already "low quality" regarding polygon count and texture size + i used only 2 lights and no visual effects like AO and GI - doesn't look that different in JME. It's already a bit older and we made several changes since then but it gives a first impression in which direction we are going :) I'll post some screenshots of the JME rendered version for a comparison later.

Let me know how you like it :)

The current versions have smaller arms and the overall physique got more natural - we will show those in our developer blog which is coming soon.


Ha! You make GTA 5!

Right? :smiley:

( The legs look a bit odd, if this is a shot of a walk-clcyle. Or is he wounded?)

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the birthday congrats and haha no, i can only dream of the budget and staff that game would have but interesting assumption :smiley: Yeh the leg or better the overall pose looks odd and yes it's part of an old walk-cycle :slight_smile:

btw the model doesn't have much more polygons than a fully equipped wow character - i think the 3d artist made a really good job.

I'll post something new next week :slight_smile: