Undesired texturing behavior

Please see attached screencast: http://screencast.com/t/QVI0AKG7nNYl

As you can see, the faux skyline renders “okay” for about 3 faces or so, and then we start to see some strange artifacts with streaks/stripes. I’m about 90% sure the values from COLLADA file to VBO are correct so I wonder if there is something I’m forgetting to do on the JME3 side at mesh-build time. I’ve tried various S and T repeat values in the material but nothing makes the skyline look complete as in the first few faces.

Does the provided behavior look familiar to anyone as a “Oh! Jagwire forgot to do X!” or anything? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Is there any other information I can provide to help formulate a diagnosis?

I assume this is one pnaorama image wich should ha non repeating?
I would guess the texture coordinates are false in that case.

It’s actually 2 panorama textures, but yes, that’s the idea.

I thought they might be false as well, but older code based on JME2 seems to work with it just fine…as murky as that code might be.

Other thoughts I’ve had:

  • Perhaps my vertex values are incorrect
  • Perhaps my vertex indices are incorrect
  • Perhaps there’s a render mode that is telling it to render triangle strips instead of triangles by default?
  • The pattern at which the texture is mis-mapped, seems awfully distinct. I wonder/hope something could be inferred from such a pattern.

Still hackin’ away,