Unittest location

When I commit patches, I’d like to include unittest also.

But there seems to be no folder for that.

If there are unittest folder, please tell me the location.

Or let me know about the policy for the unittest folder structure.

We don’t have a unittest unfortunately.

However a good place would be to create it in the folder branches/jme3/test

Okay, then I’ll add some unittest to ‘test’ folder.

Is it ok to use junit4?

Are junit libraries already included in jme3 project?

Please setup for the junit4 in NetBeans jme3 project file. I don’t use NetBeans.

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yay, finally! this is a really positive step for this project :slight_smile:

Okay I created the “test” folder

Its not imported by netbeans yet so it won’t break anything if you add any tests.

I’ll make sure to set up the tests properly in netbeans at a later point since my current build is a bit messy