Unity free iOS and Android Version until April 8th

It appears that Unity is giving away free iOS and Android version(basic version) until April 8th.

Head over to the store to get your copy : https://store.unity3d.com/index.html

But please don’t stop using jME :frowning:

Yeah someone at work pointed this out to me the other day. If you haven’t touched Unity at all definitely install it and give it a test drive. Where does it work better for you than jME, and where does jME beat out Unity?

@sbook said:
where does jME beat out Unity?

Pricing is awesome. :D
@madjack said:
Pricing is awesome. :D

Community too. :)

unity, unity… at all only unity can be better then JME. but for me JME wins.

and I dont know what Unity offer in pro versions.

but… this is fight for a first place. I prefer JME to be next “google” in gamedeveloping :stuck_out_tongue:

lets everyone do great games and support JME :slight_smile:

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