Unity merges with ironSource

Perhaps we’ll see an influx of new jMonkeyEngine users soon…


Interesting news. Dare I say, unsavory.

The more monkeys the merrier … :computer::monkey: :banana:


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There is a running theory that they are trying to milk as much money out of it as possible while lowering the public value of the company to make it ripe for purchase. I guess it was too expensive to entertain real offers before all of this.

…that seems better than just trying to wring all of the cash out of it as it dies but I suppose that depends on who buys it.

I don’t really pay close enough attention to Unity to know where their money comes from… I just see a lot of tweets about it.

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“Game developers working in Unity aren’t pleased about it”

Well, Unity users can do nothing, just be mad, since a lot code is closed, not Open Source.

They also were “not pleased” when they made more engine code Closed.

I imagine some of this Closed code be malware :> hehe

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Even though Unity isn’t open source, you can still get it’s source code. It’s not cheap though, as source access only comes with Unity Pro and Enterprise plan, neither of which is something a hobbyist would buy.

I severely doubt there’s malware in there though. At least for now, we’ll see what the future brings.

Reminds of me a game I used to play, Lord of the Rings Online, an obscure MMO. Recently it was purchased by this European investment firm, which ended up being owned I think by Daybreak which has a reputation for buying dying MMOs and milking them.

This is interesting to me as I didn’t realize Unity was dying, or about to.

I don’t know much about Unity either, except that they’ve grown quite big over the last 10 years or so.
I don’t know if they’re sustained by their subscriptions, but if they’re still VC funded it could go downhill quickly. I guess a lot of hobbyists are using it, but maybe that’s not yielding enough revenue and they’re losing out out to Unreal for the big studios.
But in that case they wouldn’t have an “overvalue problem” for long. If it’s a public company that would reveal itself and market value would adjust along with the quarterly reports. Lowering the value of a company is rarely difficult. :slight_smile:

Now I had to look this up;
The stock price has dropped to about a sixth of its peak value in November 2021 (196$ vs 35$)

I don’t know that they are dying or not… but when looking from the outside and trying to predict why a company would do something obviously bad looking (like merge with a well-known malware company) there are only a few explanations.

…and then to go on to suggest that devs who don’t want to make money (by incorporating microtransactions, etc.) are idiots… Makes you wonder if it’s stupid-stupid or clever-stupid.

definitely, lmao

What is Unity thread doing inside JME? Or is Unity planning to support JME?

@Kling No, just a topic of interest to game developer type people


I think it’s not a coincidence what happened to Unity in a favor of rising of Godot

How true .
There is also a rumor in china that “Tencent Looks Abroad to Level Up” , well ,actually this comes from WSJ.

Tencent Looks Abroad to Level Up - WSJ.

For the money milking issue , Guess Pony Ma dont care. :joy:
After acquisition, He can earn 10X from stock market. :thinking:
So, tech guys work hard, WS wolves feast all.
BTW: tencent is actually owned by WS.