Unity3D 3.0 Supports Android

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later: Unity3D just announced that their newest 3.0 branch will feature Android support.

Previously there hasn’t been a whole lot to compare ourselves to for jME’s Android capabilities. Now it seems we’ll have one heck of a match :wink: No doubt in my mind, Unity3D is only the first of many more to make this type of announcement this year.

Oh, seems like the other engines start to get afraid of jme3 :wink:

This is a win for the industry when it comes down to it.  Sure it puts the heat on us a bit but why should we be afraid of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Let's not forget though, who's open source and who's not

sbook said:

Sure it puts the heat on us a bit

Hmm, no ... it puts the heat on the jme3 developers. And if you ask me, they should have that time to develop the engine and loads of features for jme3 to be usable in real world projects. Things like iPhone and Android support are nice but not necessary. Let the developers concentrate on important things. Just my 2.5f cents.

Not really surprised. With Android gaining popularity its not strange that others will jump on to take advantage of it. Still to think that jME3 was one of the first serious 3D engines to hit android or that it can be considered to be a competition to Unity3D is a bit interesting.