University Project (flickr image -> 3d gallery)


I am just doing research on the possibilities about a littel project, I have to do this term. The task is to write a 3d app in Java which has to do something with 'the internet'. It should run in a webbrowser (as an applet) - but I think its also possible, that only parts of it run in the browser (the name of the lecture is 'visualisation tools and internet apps').

I would like to make something with the flickr API ( - a photo communtiy page, which is really great). Here is my objective:

The user has the ability to search for something (eg. 'industrial'), the searchresults are retrived from flickr and are presented as a 'virtual gallery'.

I read through jmonkeyengine docs and tutorials and am very impressed by the features and it seems to be possible for me to solve the task using this great 3d engine.

What do you think about that? I write this thread, because most of you have more experience with writing 3d apps. Perhaps some of you have another idea, what yould be done in 3d space with the flickr photos.

Regards, Michael.

Conceptually, the problem isn't all that hard.  But is it pretty rigid that your presentation itself must be via applet?  If so, jME will not work for you.  If, as you say, only part of it needs to be in a browser, maybe your photo selection process could be in the applet and the visualization could launch seperately in webstart.