Unknown methods


I’ve downloaded the last jar of Jme (but not CVS one)

and I’ve run into a problem when compiling SimpleGame.java




give me :

The method setFrustumPerspective(float, float, int, int) is undefined for the type Camera


The method getKeyInput() is undefined for the type KeyBindingManager

when I check available methods , there are no like that

Any clue ?


They were added post 0.6, so you are only going to have access to them with the CVS build.

I’m surely dumb,

But I can’t connect through WinCVS

to jme repository, blank password for ‘guest’ is rejected.

It seems to have change since the writing of the beginner tutorial…

Am I doing the right thing ?

Hmmm, Sun might have changed the CVS settings. I would suggest creating a dev.java.net account and join jme as an Observer. You can then log into CVS with your account name and password.

thxs for the speedy gonzales answer !

I’m going to do that…

"Andale! Andale! Ariba! Ariba!"


That’s what I done. The observer Status is ‘Pending’

I guess it has to be checked by the system or someone…

Wait and see !

Did you see this?

Scheduled java.net projects area downtime today July 20th: The site will be down a quick system restart today Tuesday July 20 at 11:30 am PST.

Perhaps you tried logging in while they were down?


That's what I done. The observer Status is 'Pending'
I guess it has to be checked by the system or someone..

Wait and see !

It's approved, I'm quick... and bored.

You have a sharp eye, and quick reflex !

You must be a sort of AI of the system :wink:

I didn’t see that, I 'll try again later…

See you