Unsatisfied link: libbulletjme.so - Crash on run for basic game template

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I downloaded the SDK, installed it, and started a new basic project. I tried to run it just to make sure everything works, but after the graphics settings window, the program exits with an unsatisfied link error for “libbulletjme.so”. I located the file, tried deleting it to let it refactor, but it doesn’t seem to fix it. I am running linux, xubuntu xenial, on a Chromebook through crouton, and everything else has always worked out for me. I really want to get using jme.

I don’t have the exact error code right now, as I am at work and away from my computer, but if needed I can post it when I get home.

Thank you all!

Yeah, an exact error message would probably help here. Take your time, just post it when you got home :slight_smile:

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Figured as much, I’ll have it up in the next 9 hours haha