Unwanted BoundingSpheres created by JmeBinaryReader

There's this pice of code in JmeBinaryReader.readEnd():

if ("box".equals(properties.get("bound")))

Why would you want to have something without a bounding? I think it's on purpose.

Well, by design as you can see. You don't want them? I suppose I could add that for you…

I was just surprised that Md2 model I’ve loaded had a bounding. Never mind - I can always get rid of it myself.

And as a side question: is this forum (the General category) a right place for me to ask many, not always wise, questions, like this one:

Why ModelCloneCreator (and CloneCreator) can’t clone an object into a prepared “store”?

(I need it to “subclass” the loaded model.)

for some reason i'm not getting any bounding when loading a model from xml creating by the blender jme exporter