Update on my factory-building game project (dev vlog #2)

Hello Monkeys,

Here is a little video to show off the progress of my game project. I’ve been working on it since mid-April, on weekends, holidays and nights since I also have a day job. As a friend said to me: “it’s starting to look like a game”.

The goal of the game is to manage a building blocks toys factory (I’m sure many of you owned them as a child, or still do today). I tried to make the video somewhat self-explanatory and showcase the basic mechanics. Let me know if it’s still a bit confusing, I’m still not sure about the format of those updates.

I also created a playlist documenting progress, with smaller bits and pieces:


Camera Lib:


look’s nice, what is very odd for me, is that characters walk x,z,x,z,x,z i know there are other games that characters can walk tile to tile only, but it just look odd here :slight_smile:

the gameplay feel like player need learn a little, but only a little, so even childs should be able to learn how to build here.

what would be great feature, would be just infos like “missing X zone” to even more improve “quality of life” here.

Do you mean it’s weird they don’t walk in diagonal (and move in “stair like” fashion) or that there is some kind of lag between each tile? I’m planning to add diagonal walk at some point.

Complexity would grow gradually, now I’m just building the sandbox mode and everything is already there.

There’s obviously still a lot missing regarding notifications and tutorial. It’s far, far from a finished product ^^

Nice work!

I think changing the background to something less plain will go a long way to setting the atmosphere a little more.

It looks like you’ve spent a lot of time getting to grips with the engine, which is half the battle at the beginning. Keep it up :slight_smile:

I spent an awful lot of time battling with Lemur, that for sure ^^

I’m focusing on features right now. Style shall follow.

Quick update: I took your feedback into account on 2 points:

  • I enabled diagonal movement (so they can now move in 8 directions instead of 4)
  • I added some nature around the place

Overall it does give a more natural look.