Update snag: jME3 Code Checks - The module Java Hints

Clean install of alpha4 and then I updated all modules, IDE requests to restart and when netbeans starts again I get a dialog saying:

Warning - could not install some modules: jME3 Code Checks - The module Java Hints was requested in implementation version β€œ4” but only β€œ9” was found.

I can choose to disable the module and then everything starts up. Being a newbie on jmonkeyengine I am not sure what functionality I miss but everything seems to work fine :slight_smile:



I suggest first deselecting the Hints plugin for updating and then update the rest, after that the Hints plugin should install just fine, its just that the first update doesn’t install the required base libs. Kinda silly but thats how it is atm, beta is coming soon anyway :slight_smile: