Update to build.xml


I have updated the ant build.xml with a few fixes, hope you would update the one in CVS.

-Added compilation of the “audio” package (saw this was missing from another post)

-Fixed jinput-windows native, was referring to a non-existent file. Included both dll’s as I don’t know which one that’s used

-Made a new target webdist-libs, which copies the jars from the lib folder into target/libs and then signs them and added this to nightly build dependencies.

  Before, files like jinput.jar didn’t got signed by the build script and the script did not preserve the unsigned jars(ie lwjgl.jar), thus preventing ie. Eclipse users from using them again without creating certificates and stuff.

-changed alias=“jme” to alias="$alias" to easily let others create their own keystore and use this build-file to quickly deploy their programs.

I have uploaded a patch and my build.xml to



Hope you can use this,


sounds useful, is this what mrcoder just checked in?

Let me see… Nope, he only added the audio part:)

I have updated the files to newest HEAD (1.43) to add the rest if it's wanted.

cool, didn't see this post :slight_smile:

i'll add the stuff tomorrow