Updated SDK -- GLTF Model Imports With No Animations


I’ve updated to the latest SDK off the github. I was trying to solve a problem while importing a GLTF model that was exported from Blender.

In Blender the model read as a .72 scale while JME imported it to a 72.0 scale. I updated the SDK only to find out it was still importing at a 72.0 scale while losing all animations.

Instead of the regular animation and skeleton controls I get an “AnimComposer” and a “SkinningControl” there are no tracks beneath them.

Further when importing the model even though the model has been imported successfully the preview screen remains blank.

Are there known issues with the current SDK GLTF model importer?

Thanks for reading.

Unless you’re planning to do SDK development, I recommend you use a released version of the SDK. The latest is v3.2.1-stable-sdk3. You can build it yourself or download binaries from GitHub.

Umm, no. Sdk releases happen once in forever and latest bugfixes and new features can only be obtained by building from source. It’s almost never unstable, so you really should be using latest github master if you can. The only issue is that it builds the engine from latest master as well during sdk build. I don’t know how stable engine master usually is.

SDK releases take forever at the moment because I am waiting for an engine release of v3.3, because I CAN’T release what the engine didn’t mark as stable. This is because nearly everyone (especially beginners) download the SDK and even when I put a red mark on it, think it’s the latest and best engine version to use.

And as you’ve updated the Engine, I guess:

That is the result of you seeing the new Animation System called Monkanim. You have a newer Version of GLTF but it doesn’t use the old animation system anymore, so you might have to use an older version :confused:

Still it’s uncommon to import a model which comes at a scale of 0.72 , because you could apply the scale (that means blender will move the vertices so that scale = 1 corresponds to where scale 0.72 used to be) and then you have a more simple scale. OR you could set the scale to 1 in blender and then to 0.72 after importing in JME. Or if it’s imported as 72 scale, you could also call setLocalScale(0.72).

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