Updated to latest jME

For Roll-A-Rama-Thon 2006 I decided to update to the most recent of jME before deploying the next build.  I have noticed some strange issues since updating.  I've been away from game development for a month or so, so it might not be an entirely recent change that caused these problems.

The first problem is that I load my soccer ball and it works fine, but I was playing a game and all of a sudden the soccer ball just disapeared.  The soccer ball was still on the screen but invisible.  If I picked up the soccer ball I could see it again (when it was inside my ball) but as soon as I drop it, it goes back to invisible.  I switch to CULL_NEVER, but haven't really taken much time to test it, just hoping someone might know what changes could have caused this?

Second, it looks like some major changes have occurred with respect to lightstates because now my skybox is being darkened by my lightstate, but I told it to ignore lighting.

Lastly, I add a JInternalFrame with a couple of buttons on it and it appears for about one second and then disapears.  Not sure exactly why.

I'm looking into all of these things already and just wanted to drop a message here in case one of the people that made the changes realizes very easily what causes any or all of these problems I'm experiencing.



Probably not what you want to hear, but often times I've experienced issues like these when I had stuff that was relying on certain inconsistencies in the engine to be "just so".  For example, the skybox thing sounds like an issue with renderstates not being updated or with state caching.  My recommendation with skybox is to put it in it's own RenderPass as the first pass in a pass manager.  Update geometric and renderstates after setting it up.  Do not attach it to a scene node, camera node, etc.  There are other ways to make it always work properly, but this is the easiest and most foolproof.

No idea about the internal frame…  The soccer ball sounds like a bounds issue maybe?  When it is picked up, do you move it around in the scenegraph at all?

Well, setting CULL_NEVER seems to have resolved the issue with the soccer ball.  Yes, when I pick up the soccer ball it "sucks it into the player" so it repositions the soccer ball inside of the players' ball and disables physics on it.

I'm not too concerned about the skybox issue, you're very likely correct in it just being something hoaky I did before that no longer works because jME now handles it the way it should. :wink:

After upgrading to the most recent version of jME the game seems to be performing much more smoothly.  I think I'm going to completely re-write my controls system as using 3rd person controller just doesn't seem to be doing the trick.


You seem to be on a kick to rewrite a bunch :wink:

Remember, all this stuff… open source… you are free to take what is there and work with it to make it better. You don't have to start from scratch if you don't want to.

An interesting idea. :-p

As far as the controller I don't think there's anything remotely like what I'm wanting, I tried to make 3rd person fit but it just doesn't.  I will try to write my own implementation and maybe contribute it back if it's not crap. ;)  I think it will be less code to start from scratch than to try to retrofit and existing solution.

I will probably take another look at the controllers and see if there's something I can work with before starting over though.  I do agree that it is wasteful to always be re-writing when adding functionality to a current solution benefits more people.



How about doing a new RenControlEditor